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im not indie but i still think im cooler than you [entries|friends|calendar]

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new ellejai bitch! [15 Feb 2004|06:26pm]
i got a new one cause i dont like haveing the same name for my lj and sn.
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"if only the door was closed all the way" [15 Feb 2004|11:22am]
so yesterday after my mom came home from shoping and all that jazz i went to get new headlights for the van. went to mikes cause i thought you needed some other kind of screwdriver but allen keys worked fine. he noticed that the fron was kinda scratched up. i keeo scratching it up ): so then my my had to go and get some more stuff so i didnt get to leave until 3. sasha got sad. finaly i picked sasha and marisa up, went to boonton. they took out some street that mapquest doesnt know about so we go lost a bit. chilled at mike's, then went off to the rockaway mall, got lost some more. marisa bought a skirt, played a game in the arcade. on the way back the radio spot working and all the lights dimmed. the van then just stoped on the side of 287, 1 1/4 mile from mike's exit. called my mom, she said she'll be right there with my cousin and aunt. they came 2 hours later. i dont need to go into detail here. then they came, mars couldnt fixed it so they got the car towed to garfield. we picked up sasha from mike's. i tihnk they were doing some more then watching movies. saw them move real fast when i knocked on the window. then i drove them two home when i got ann's car.

marisa left her rose, my mom asked what to do with it. i told her marisa wasnt goign to keep it cause her moms doesnt know about me. then she ask how old she is. she thinks 15 is young. whateva, its not that young.

look at my drunk cousin!Collapse )
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[14 Feb 2004|11:35pm]
today was uber long. maybe tomorrow i'll say what happen. it was a fun day (:
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tonight! [13 Feb 2004|10:57pm]
behold the pictures!Collapse )
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coachelle [12 Feb 2004|05:24pm]
linn wants me to go to coachelle doesnt seem like it'll be that great. 2 days, 80+ bands for $145. over in california. there's 11 bands that i would like to see that are playing there. most of them i could see any other time. dont know if my moms would let me go. i really wanna go to hellfest this year. thats a great fest. $65, 3 days 300+ bands. maybe i'll go if my mom lets me but i dont know if i really wanna.

The Rapture, Death Cab For Cutie, Mindless, Q and not U, The Cure, Belle & Sebastion, Thursday, Bright Eyes, Cursive, Le Tigre, and Pretty Girls Make Graves. the only bands i wanna see.
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